Why do we represent children and adults?

Whilst we do not represent Models – children play a part in the film making story process – we will represent children and young adults who we believe have the required performance ability in a professional working environment.

Do you support Diversity?

Yes, storytelling requires a vast diversity of ethnicity, gender, personal experience and skill.

Do you take applications for Talent all year?

Yes, however, we only take in new performers given they fill a missing area in from the palette of performers we already represent.

How do I apply to Trikat for representation?

Send your bio, show reel, any platform links, current head shot and short paragraph on your professional 12 month vision to info@trikatcasting.com.

What commission does the agency take?

10% (plus GST) on all TV and feature film

15% (plus GST) on all Theatre, commercial, voice over, appearances, corporate and/or print work

Do you have any joining fees?

There are no joining or annual fees however we do expect clients to cover the cost of materials required to promote them such as headshots, Showcast and Casting Networks membership, and any union/guild fees.